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Method 91-01: Alpine Sieve Analysis

This test is performed using an Alpine Air Jet Sieve (Type 200 LS), available from Alpine Products Group, Hosokawa Micron Division, phone (908) 273-6360.

A representative five gram sample is sieved for 14 minutes at a controlled vacuum of 22 in. (+ 3) of water. The portion remaining on the screen is weighed. (5.0 - g. retained/5.0) x 100 = percent passing specified mesh.

Method 91-02: Oil Absorption

Five grams of product is accurately weighed and suspended in an excess of mineral spirits for not less than five minutes to ensure total saturation.

91-02: Pour the sample into a mesh strainer (approximately 0.5 square millimeter hole size) and shake with a wrist action shaker for ten minutes (approximately 1 1/4" motion at 240 shakes/minute).

91-02 Modified: Pour the sample into a filter (3M: 8500, 10-12 micron opening) supported by a mesh screen strainer and shake with a wrist action shaker for 10 minutes (approximately ¾" motion at 240 shakes/minute).

The shaken mass is then transferred to a tared container and weighed. Results are reported as the amount (number of times its own weight) the fibers are able to absorb.

(Weight of mass -5) /5= absorption capacity of fiber. (Five equals the number of grams of fibers used)

For example: A reported result of 5.2 indicates the fibers are able to absorb and retain 5.2 times their own weight of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Method 91-03: Moisture

Ten grams of product is accurately weighed to the nearest 0.01 g and placed in a 250°F forced air oven for two hours, then reweighed to determine the weight loss.

(Original Sample Weight - Dried Sample Weight) /10 x 100 = percent moisture Method 91-04: Ash A representative 2 gram sample is placed in a tared cubicle and heated at 1100°F to 1200°F for two hours. The crucible and remaining ash are reweighed to determine the final ash weight. (Final ash weight/original sample weight) x 100 = percent ash (clays) 100 - percent ash = percent fibers (volatiles)

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