National Petfibe Distributors

The Peterson Company has provided ingredients to the pet food industry for over four decades and have become one of the largest suppliers of specialty ingredients sold domestically and abroad. The Peterson Company is a research driven organization with a strong emphasis on developing unique ingredients that fit specific needs of Pet Food Manufacturers.

Interfibe was established in 1982 to produce engineered fiber products. Today Interfibe offers a wide range of unique cellulose ingredients unlike any other similar products in the market place.

Drawing on the expertise in their respective industries, The Peterson Company and Interfibe have worked collaboratively to develop a unique, competitive source of cellulose fiber for the pet food industry.

The Peterson Company is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Interfibe PetFibe

The Peterson Company
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Exclusive – PetFibe

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Shipping and Receiving Location
Portage Fiber Plant
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Portage, MI 49024